I’d describe my personal style as 49 Shades of Grey

I’d describe my personal style as 49 Shades of Grey

psd #1 by adoresmonteith: dl

works on pretty much everything (events, photoshoots, etc.)
contains black and white option
do not claim as your own
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As for hiding out from the hysteria, how’s this for an unusual solution

oh my god, thank you so much! i really can't wait to use it. your edits are so perfect!

it’s no problem at all! it’s just going to be a little while because i have some stuff to do first :) but, thank you again!!

would you mind posting the psd you used on your CM icons post or making a similar to this one? it looks so pretty! :)

i’ll make one similar to it :) because the psd i used is the one i use on all of my edits and i don’t really want to give it away. thank you, honey!

100 Cory Monteith Icons 

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By the time he was three he could read and comprehend books. They pushed him a year ahead. Take a boy out of kindergarten at five years old, throw him into grade one and he was still beyond them. They actually pushed him into grade two that same year. But he still kind of, you know, left them in the dust. So he lost interest in school. He was always kind of, you know, looking for – stimulation.

Ann McGregor, Good Morning America (via monteithssarfatis)